Your Router may be vulnerable against CIA for years

According to new news published by WikiLeaks, the United States intelligence agency CIA has hacked its citizens and institutions for years. According to recent news, WikiLeaks showed a new mystery about the US intelligence service, the extent to which the CIA could access electronic household goods. According to a leaked document in 2010, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has long been able to access US citizen’s browsing history, e-mail addresses and phone numbers using vulnerabilities found in wireless routers.

The CIA hacked a number of consumer-class wireless routers in the United States in 2012 with the betting technique. According to the document published by WikiLeaks, these routers are being targeted due to the low security measures of the data distribution procedures of these companies.

You need to overcome a firmware in your router in order for this program to work. According to the CIA, 25 different router models from 10 different companies made this vaccination. These companies include Asus, Linksys, Netgear and many other 2012 model router models.

As of now, there is no information on which official authorities have committed similar breaches of confidentiality. In addition, router manufacturers have not made any statement to explain whether they are taking precautions for these deficiencies or not.

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