What to do in order to have a comfortable pregnancy

Whatever is nicer than the pregnancy is a comfortable pregnancy. Despite the fact that most of the women do not pay attention to having a comfortable pregnancy at the beginning, after a while they start to pray for passing the 9 months in the most relaxing way. We will have a few suggestions to keep you happy and enthusiastic about all your pregnancy period while you first heard it.

Healthy nutrition is the most important thing that you must give importance during your pregnancy. You are now eating for two people, but that does not mean that you will double the amount of meal you normally consume. The average weight you need to get in pregnancy is 11-12. Excess weight can lead to unwanted stress. Thus, be careful and obey the rules of your doctor, and consume healthy but not fatty foods.

Physical exercise has great importance for the health of the women before and after the pregnancy. We do not mean sports made to stay weak. If you have the opportunity, you can swim. If it is not possible, walking and simple back exercises will help you store the energy you will need after a while.

Pelvic exercises are also important because these exercises can help you avoid situations such as incontinence during pregnancy and after birth. Try to keep your pelvic muscles tight for 10 seconds and repeat this 10 times. We recommend repeating 2-3 times each day.

Did you know that you can relieve many stresses in your body with a special foot massage? This massage, which will be done by a professional masseur, can help you get rid of many problems like stomach burn, back and headache.

Pregnancy is a time away from comfortable sleep. If you like to sleep on the back and over the face, you can miss this period. In order to have a good sleep, choose a short sleeping time, which is very common in the daytime.

We know that knowing whether or not to give an opinion is not enough. Stay away from those who hear your pregnancy and end up with endless suggestion lists. A mother knows the best of everything. Now that you are a mother, why do you listen to others?

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