What the first employees of Facebook are doing now?

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues in a university room about 14 years ago. Facebook has reached nearly 2 billion users over the years and it has become the world’s fourth most valuable company with a brand value of $ 73.5 billion. What do the first employees and the founders of the do now?

DUSTIN MOSKOVITZ founded Facebook with his roommate Zuckerberg. They left Harvard together to go to California to work on the platform. Moskovitz worked as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Facebook for 5 years. After leaving Facebook in 2009, Moskovitz set up his own mobile and web company, Asana. His company is producing solutions on the team’s follow-up works of the staff for the companies.  Dustin Moskovitz, who had a fortune of $ 12 billion according to Forbes, went on to run the Good Ventures charity with his wife experiencing Wall Street in order to distribute his wealth before death.

CHRIS HUGHES is also known as Zuckerberg’s friend from Harvard and one of the founding partners of Facebook. Chris Hughes, the first spokesman for Facebook, then left the company and chose a different way of assessing his oratorical abilities and technological know-how.

He took office in the election campaign of the Former US President Barack Obama in 2008, and he coordinated all social media activities of the campaign. He’s known as the man who made Obama the president. After the election, Chris Hughes became the manager of an initiative named Jumo aiming to change the world through social media. Nowadays, he is the founding partner of the Economic Security Project, a non-profit organization that aims to bring citizenship to people.

EDUARDO SAVERIN is the co-founder of Facebook who worked as the Financial Affairs Manager (CFO), but he was soon interrupted. He sued Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg had to accept Saverin’s founding partner status on the legal grounds. Saverin used a portion of his income as an angel investor in financing new ventures. Qwiki and Chris Hughes’ Jumo is the most prominent of these.

SEAN PARKER name was first heard through Napster, a popular music and media sharing platform. Sean Parker turned out to be the founding president of Facebook and continued to work for about 2 years. Sean Parker is currently investing in new formations. Spotify, Asana are some of these.  With $ 2.6 billion in assets, Parker succeeded in setting up a video platform called Airtime. Then, an attempt was made to bring the visionary movies called Screening Room to the houses, but Hollywood and unions did not let it to be realized.

ANDREW MCCOLLUM does not take place among the first employees of Facebook, but the social media giant’s logo is his work. In addition to working as an engineer for Facebook, he also worked with Zuckerberg on a file-sharing project named Wirehog.  On September 2006, McCollum left the platform to fund various initiatives such as Quilt and JobSpice.

NAOMI GLEIT still is working for Facebook. Gleit, who is in charge of marketing, is responsible for reaching out to everyone in the world. Naomi Gleit, one of Zuckerberg’s most trusted names, is also one of Facebook’s leading intellects in massive fundraising, security audits and similar matters.

KEVIN COLLERAN is one of the top 10 Facebook employees. He refused the first offer of President Sean Parker for advertising sales in order to set up his own. But, he later returned from his idea and survived a crucial mistake. Collaran, who managed Facebook’s advertising business for 6 years and who was responsible for its global partners, left the company to establish his own business. In 2011, he left Facebook to set up an initiative Slow Ventures that provides risk capital financing.

GILLES MISCHLER started working for Facebook in June 2005. Mischler, who left from Facebookto work for a developer of games named Playdom, had to leave the company after the company was bought by Disney. Gilles Mischler is currently working as the network engineer of Dropbox, a popular file sharing platform.

SCOTT MARLETTE signed one of the company’s most critical innovations. He created the first photography application of Facebook. He left in 2010 and established GoodRX, a medical enterprise. He now runs Slow Ventures with his old friends.

AARON SITTIG who was transferred to Facebook by Sean Parker from Napster, worked hard on design strategies and product architecture. T​agging your friends on Facebook is his idea. Now he is a founding partner of a design company named Public Studio.

NICK HEYMAN had been working as a director of operations for managing the huge traffic of the website without any problems. Later, he also worked on Twitter and is now investing in technology initiatives.

STEVE KING had a key role in the growth of the platform. As Media Director, he brought his first big ads, such as Panasonic and Microsoft. After working on Facebook for the first time, Steve King continued his best-known job in an initiative that offered branded multi-channel marketing consulting under the name LocaModa.

TRICIA BLACK was brought to the company by Saverin. Before coming to Facebook, she worked at Y2M, which sold advertisements to college magazines. She worked as a vice president of sales on Facebook for a little more than 1 year, and then she founded Victress Capital.

We know STEVE CHEN as the founder of Youtube, but before that, in 2005 he was senior software engineer of Facebook for several months. He left his job to set up YouTube. He sold YouTube to Google for $ 1 billion. Steve Chen did not succeed in making a name for AVOS afterwards. He is currently consulting with GV, Google’s investment arm.

MATT COHLER is one of the founders of LinkedIn, the career platform. But, he is also one of the top 5 people whom Facebook has hired. He was brought to Facebook by Peter Thiel and became one of Zuckerberg’s exclusive advisors. He worked for 3.5 years. Matt Cohler is known as one of the smartest investors in the technology industry. He is a partner of Benchmark Capital at the moment. He invested in Uber, Dropbox, and Edmodo. He is also on the board of directors of Tinder, Couchsurfing, Quora, Asana and Instagram.

EZRA CALLAHANAN worked for Facebook as the product management and internal communication specialist. He was Sean Parker’s roommate. But he was taken to the company to dismiss Saverin from CFO position. He worked for 6 years. He lives in Pasadena with his family.

JAMES PEREIRA is the 7th employee of Facebook. After working as a software engineer for about 3 years in Pereira, he is currently doing the same job in Boy Gorilla.

DANIEL NEFF is the 20th employee of the company. He worked just 5 months for Facebook but contributed to the development of new features. Now he works for Adobe.

TANER HALICIOGLU is known as the first person whom Facebook incorporated from the outside. The first hardware infrastructure of the platform is entirely his work.

He worked 5 years for Facebook, and then he passed to the video game developer Blizzard. He took place in the staff of games like Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. He is currently partner of a company that supports various initiatives.

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