What is Osteomalacia?

Osteomalacia is a kind of bone disease which can be seen in all parts of the human body. It is more prevalent in women, usually older than 50 years. Rachitism is the name given to the version of this disease seen in children. If it occurs during adolescence, curvatures in the bones and deformities in the bone tips are the main results of osteomalacia.

This bone softening disease is often localized in the groin and pelvic areas and in the waist and chest areas. Bone pain that increase by walking and standing is the most common symptom of osteomalacia. Deformities in the bones, brittle fracture of bones especially in adults, weakness, getting tired quickly,  decrease in the amount of minerals seen in examination of calcium and osmosis in blood and urine analysis, are the most common symptoms of  this bone disease. Another important indication of osteomalacia is the bone marrow biopsy taken from the hip bone resulting in ossification due to calcium deficiency.

What are the main reasons for osteomalacia? Deficiency of vitamin D and metabolism disorder of vitamin D are the main reasons of this disease. It occurs as a result of calcium and phosphorus which are among the main requirement of the body to survive. As a result, the bones are softened, distorted, and false fractures occur in the hip bone.

Bone softening can improve when necessary treatment is applied. If it is not treated, the patient may be dependent on the bed, and he/she may feel pain in the slightest movement. Sufficient intake of vitamin D and sunlight are sufficient in treatment.

It is better to take precaution before being caught by osteomalacia. Taking calcium and phosphorus is another important thing to prevent osteomalacia. Milk and dairy products should be consumed adequately, enough benefit from the sun, not very frequent pregnancies especially for women are the other proposals of the doctor in order to prevent osteomalacia.


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