What are the advantages of the European Health Insurance Card?

Are you planning to travel inside the European Union borders? Did you take your European Health Insurance Card? As you are prepared for traveling abroad, you firstly take your identity card and passport. Then you prepare your suitcase and trip plan. However, if you are traveling inside the borders of the European Union, the most important of all these things is the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which provides you access to healthcare all over Europe. If you become ill while traveling in Europe, your identity card will not be enough and the travel health insurance may not pay for the disease you have, this is why you need European Health Insurance Card.

This card is designed to provide you any kind of medical assistance which equals to the health care services of the citizens provided by the state, while studying, or on holiday in the European Union countries including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

The EHIC is not gives equal services with the travel health insurance, but it guarantees you taking medical treatment under the same conditions and at the same cost as the nationals of the country you are traveling to.  If medical treatment is free for the citizens of this country, you will not have to pay anything. Remember that the repayment of expenditures is made according to the law of the country where you receive treatment. And each country in the EU has a different health system. Namely, a service that is not subject to any payment in one country may not be free in another.

Taking an additional travel health insurance is advised especially for those not covered by the EHIC. You may need a rescue team or private health care while you are in another country, these services are not covered by the EHIC and you must have an detailed may be international travel health insurance for such unexpected situations.

Anyone registered to the state social security system in the EU countries or in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, can have an EHIC card. This card can easily be obtained from the local health authority in your country.

For the European Health Insurance Card a full-fledged application system with all the information you need to know has been developed. There is also a smartphone application which serves as a detailed guide for the EHIC users. You can find practical advices that can help in unexpected situations abroad just like emergency numbers for all of Europe and outlines of potential treatment costs. This application is available in iOS, Android and Windows 7 mobile systems.

By the help of to the European Health Insurance Card, you can be able to benefit from the health services offered to the citizens of the state you have visited as a tourist or as an exchange student.


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