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Using this season’s catwalk trends in real life

The bedding bags which seem to be the expensive version of the square edged plastic covers which usually given with an electrical blanket, may be the most useful for you. If you will continue the evening after work, throw your clothes, your heeled shoes, even your sport shoes for returning in to your gigantic bag, and go on. Are you going for holiday? No need for a suitcase, all your holiday clothes can fit in this gigantic case.

Haute desking is the other trends of this season. If you combine your little outfits this is exactly what you get. Although it seems absolutely unbearable in everyday life, it is actually very convenient and economical. In these days we try to cope with the economic crisis, with this haute desking style you can protect your budget and follow the fashion. The only thing you need to do is check your old outfits and combine them.  In fact, these are office clothes, but not the way that Steve in facilities management wears them.

Good for your foot toe cleavage is over this season. From neat kitten heels to sandals with a scoop cut halfway up your instep, toes are fully covered this season. You can change your shoes into the trend anywhere on the high street; a low, V-cut court shoe is a good place to start.

Bold color is trendy this season, but how to style it? You may choose what you wish: mono-toning, just one color from top to toe, tri-coloring which will need a bit too much effort and bi-toning, wearing two colors that pop against each other. Freedom! Let’s use all the contrast colors and demonstrate our confidence as a fashion colourist.

Yes, pink is the embodiment of millennials’ progressive values; it is post-gender, post-irony. Leave all the opponents aside and accept that the pink look nice.

As any historian will tell you, the best thing about the 80s was the earrings. This season, Jem And The Holograms-style ear accoutrements are back, just like giant ruffles, shiny fabrics, miniskirts and exaggerated shoulders.

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