Unhealthy habits that will show you older than you are

Some of your daily habits can cause you to age more quickly. If you aware of such kind of habits, it is possible to go ahead with a few simple solutions.

Snack at night

If you have the habit of eating sugary snacks such as crackers, cookies for nights, this habit may age sooner than you expect. Consuming refined carbonates and sugar causes a rapid increase in blood sugar. Sugar molecules circulate through the blood all the cells in our bodies depending on the fat and proteins. Glycation occurs when sugar, protein elastic collagen is attached to the skin, and this resulting collagen-sugar combination has a rigid structure that causes wrinkles on the underside. Namely, it is time to give up healthy snacks.

Making a horse tail hair

Despite the fact that it seems like a very simple event, frequent horse tailing hair causes more of your hair to fall out and puts your hair health in danger. Constantly resistance to hair dangling is undesirable. Thus, give up your horse tail hair without losing time.

Not being careful when exercising

When we exercise, we are not very interested in how many of our contests come in. However, it causes damage to our facial muscles to frown, to crawl, and to force the muscles of the lips while breathing. So sunscreen creams you use without forgetting to get rid of wrinkles have no meaning. Because when you are doing sports, you are wrinkling too much. To avoid this, exercise in front of the mirror and focus on correcting your facial movements.

Consuming unhealthy fat

Consuming food made from harmful fats causes you and your skin to age faster. However, fatty acids such as Omega-3 have a sedative effect that prevents acne and inflammation. Omega-3 keeps your skin healthy by preventing the collagen and elastin fibers in the abundance of the skin from breaking down. For this reason, do not skimp on salads, avocados, olive oil, rich in Omega-3.

To dry your hair with high heat

When you dry your hair at a high setting and close to drying machine, you will cause blisters in your hair. This will cause your hair to break much more easily. What you need to do to is to dry your hair by keeping the drying machine 20 cm away from your hair. You can also safeguard your hair with a product which protects it from heat.

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