Two states of the US shut down their government services

The state governments of Maine and New Jersey temporarily stopped many government services outside of emergency services because they could not have their biennial budgets approved by the state Legislature.

The US administration officials in Maine and New Jersey declared that some services could not be given until the state budgets are approved by the announcements they made.

Maine Governor Paul LePage has said that many state-level services will not be available except emergency services because the state board cannot pass the budget until the last day of the fiscal year, June 30th.

Paul LePage said in his statement, “This is not about today or tomorrow, it’s about the future of Maine, the budget has to be approved as soon as possible.”

Similarly, the state of New Jersey was forced to stop some of its government functions because it could not pass its budget from the state legislature on the last day of the fiscal year.

The Governor of New Jersey, Republican Chris Christie, ordered a temporary suspension of services outside of emergency services. After this decision, it was stated that many public services in the province as well as parks, historical sites, beaches and other tourist and social facilities will be temporarily closed however the emergency services will continue to work.

It is known that conflicts between Republicans and Democrats in state legislatures in the United States sometimes cause budget problems which cause the government services to stop.

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