Twitter announced personal data of the Vine users were stolen

Twitter’s Vine service has been shut down a few months ago. However, it seems that the problems of the company due to this service are not over yet.

Twitter has sent out an email to Vine users, explaining that users’ personal data was stolen. Due to an error in the third parties, the e-mail accounts and phone numbers in the users’ Vine accounts were stolen.

It is not yet known how the attackers will this personal information of all Vine users, but we have witnessed such user information often sold on the Deep Web. The company did not disclose any information about the closure of any passwords. This error was also closed.

Twitter specifically announced that users should not click the links in the SMS messages that they do not know. According to the information contained in the e-mail, Vine Archive was available within 24 hours due to this fault. Company also warned the Vine users not to open the emails, links or attachments from unknown accounts.

Twitter has not made a press release about the personal data of the Vine users currently being stolen. The company only sent a warning mail to the Vine users. The company is expected to announce how it will work on this situation in the coming days.

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