The world’s 20 largest economies

There is a great economic race among the countries in the world as well as political tensions. Countries with a developed economy, strong international commercial networks, a stable political and social situation inside and a little military power have all been taking part in the race to dominate the global economy and politics. In this relentless race, it is necessary to have a talented leader to protect the current strength and to move forward. Here are the countries who have succeeded to protect their economic power somehow and who took place between the largest economies in the world.

The World Bank ranked the world’s 20 largest economies based on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) realizations at current prices in 2014.

As it is obvious the United States of America lead the pack with a GDP of 17 trillion 419 billion dollars. China having a GDP of 10 trillion 360 billion dollars is in the second place. Japan took the third place with 4 trillion 601 billion dollars gross domestic product. Europe’s developed countries Germany, the United Kingdom and France ranked in 4th, 5th and 6th places. GDP of Germany is 3 trillion 852 billion dollars, the United Kingdom $ 2 trillion 941 billion and France 2 trillion 829 billion dollars. We will see if France will succeed to protect its economic power or not in such a catastrophic domestic political, social and economic situation.

GDP of Brazil, Italy and India are really close to each other despite having different geographical, socio-economic and administrative differences. Brazil is in the 7th rank with a GDP of 2 trillion 346 billion dollars; Italy is in the 8th place with its 2 trillion 114 billion dollars GDP; and India takes place in the 9th place having a GDP of 2 trillion dollars.

Despite the entire ongoing economical and martial crisis, Russian Federation is ranked in the 10th place with its 1 trillion 860 billion dollars GDP.

Canada having $ 1 trillion 786 billion dollars gross domestic product, Australia with a GDP of 1 trillion 453 billion dollars, South Korea with $ 1 trillion to $ 410 billion, Spain with $ 1 trillion 404 billion, Mexico with a GDP of $ 1 trillion 282 billion dollars, Indonesia with 888 billion 538 million dollars, the Netherlands with 869 billion 508 million dollars, Turkey with 799 billion 535 million dollars, Saudi Arabia with 746 billion 249 million dollars and Switzerland with its 685 billion 434 million dollars GDP also took place in the list of the world’s largest economies.

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