The world finished the yearlong food resources as of 2 August.

On 2 August, the world consumed the foods which were produced in a year. It is the first time that the “World Limit Exceeded Day“, which took place in December of 1970, had such an eruption.

The world consumed the food resources which were produced in one year. The statement was made by a non-governmental organization named Global Footprint Network. According to the statement made by the Global Footprint Network, people consumed the natural resources produced in a year as of August 2.

The World Limit Extermination Day coincided with August 8th last year. It coincided to August 2nd this year.  It is stated that the date of this year is the earliest date seen so far, and the exceeding of the limit is realized in December 1970s.

The civil society organization, named Global Footprint Network also stressed that a second world would be needed in order to produce life resources in 2050 if extreme consumption continues.

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