The meaning of the names of world famous brands

Nowadays, global and domestic economies, social life, social relations, preferences in business life, namely all about our lives have been managed by the brands.  We call many products the name of its brand instead of their own name. In fact, today’s world is a world of brands. Brands manages the our lives and determines most of our preferences. Well, in such a brand-y world, do you know where the names of famous brands come from?

ADIDAS – The name of the famous sports brand Adidas comes from the founder Adolf Dassler. Adidas is a combination of Dassler’s nickname “Adi” and the first three letters of his surname. Adidas entered our lives after fighting in the First World War.

ROLEXHans Wilsdorf, the founder of the famous watchmaker Rolex had looked for a name for his brand that could easily be spoken in all languages. And he found the name Rolex when he was riding.

AMAZON- Jeff Bezos, the founder of the US based trade giant Amazon, wanted to call his website as  Cadabra at first. But then he decided on Amazon, the world’s greatest river. He also used the image of the river in the logo of the company.

GAP– The name of the famous brand of clothing comes from the word “gap” which showing the generation gap between adults and children.

GOOGLE– the Internet giant Google’s name was created at one of the brainstorming meetings of founder Larry Page at Stanford University. Googolplex meaning one of the largest identifiable numbers was one of the best suggestions. However, when a student pronounces the name incorrectly and says “google”, Page liked this name and gave it to his company.

NIKE– Nike is the name of the goddess of victory in Greek mythology.

PANERA– The name of the USA based café chain Panera is the combination of the words Pan in Spanish and era in English.

STARBUCKS– Gordon Bowker, founder of Starbucks, one of the biggest coffee brands in the world, decided to give a name starting with “st”, to have a strong impact on the brand. When a friend of Bowker mentioned about Starbo, an old mining town, Bowker remembered the name Starbuck from the novel Moby Dick.

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