The Legendary Greek Island, Santorini

Santorini consists of many beautiful villages located on the top of the mountain. This beautiful island has two parts: the southern part and the northern part of the island.

Southern Part of Santorini has really beautiful villages and beaches where you will feel yourself as if you are in a legend.

Kamari, Perissa  and Perivolos Beaches are the most beautiful beaches of the southern part of the island. Kamari is very close to the center of Fira. It is a quieter beach than Perissa and Perivolos. There are no high noisy music and beach parties here. Perissa and Perivolos are full seaside entertainment areas with rows of beach clubs and café bar taverns. According to many tourists, the best place to go swimming in Santorini is Perivolos beaches. You can enjoy this beach of black sand.

As you travel south from Fira you pass through the villages of Pyrgos and Megalochori, especially when passing through the Perissa region. Pyrgos is a larger and more developed settlement area than the others. However, you can go upstairs from the center of the village, walk around the alleys of traditional Greek villages and see the church above.

Megalochore is a very small and charming Greek village on your way to Perivolos where you can see with the “traditional village” expression. Here you can also stroll between the streets and visit the village and taste the local flavors at the restaurant in the village center. You can also experience wines produced in the local winery.

When you go out of Perivolos and continue in the southern side of the island you will reach a section of the road. One of the roads goes to Red Beach and the other to the historical settlements. Red Beach has a really red sand beach and you must exactly see it.

After 20 minutes journey from the Red Beach to the south, you can reach Navy Lighthouse. Navy Lighthouse is the 2nd best spot where the sunset can be watched which the most spectacular event of the island is. The other is Oia which is on the northern part of the island.

Northern Part of Santorini has two striking points: Amoudi and Oia. There are two points that can be seen in the north.

Amoudi is a small bay and fishing village just below Oia. You can sit at one of the rows of fish taverns in bay and eat what you like from fresh fish. Amoudi is just below the magnificent village of Oia, with transport upstairs or donkey taxis.  Also, after a long walk you can go to the sea from the rocks in the farthest part of the island.

And finally you can reach to Ohia, with the spectacular view of the Caldera, with its blue-domed churches, which are seen in every presentation. Ohia, one of the most romantic villages of the Greek islands, is very famous for its architecture and scenery. The remains of an ancient Venetian castle can be seen in the village famous for its blue-domed churches and white-painted houses.

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