The Angry Birds are back with their second movie!

According to the statement made Rovio Entertainment a new movie for Angry Birds will be on the can sooner.

Rovio Entertainment and Sony Pictures produced the animation movie, The Angry Birds Movie based on the successful mobile gaming series, last year. Despite the declining popularity of the games, the movie has been a huge success and has generated around $ 350 million in worldwide revenues and the estimated production cost for the film was around $ 160 million.

Rovio announced that the sequel of The Angry Birds Movie will be on the can sooner. The Angry Birds Movie 2 will be produced with Columbia Pictures and distributed by Sony Pictures. The release date of the movie is announced as September 2019. The animation will be directed by Thurop Van Forest, known for the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack in the Cartoon Network animation series.

Despite the fact that Rovio hopes that the second movie will be much more popular than the first one, it has not yet been guaranteed. The popularity of Angry Birds has declined considerably over the years we have passed, and Rovio has preferred to go on the road by reducing its dependence on the brand. However, the first movie has made it possible for the company to earn a profit year after year. And now the company wants to repeat this success once more.

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