Tesla’s autonomous semi will be introduced next month

Tesla’s autonomous semi Tesla Semi which Elon Musk had mentioned about for the first time in the previous year will be introduced and tested on October 26th. Elon Musk was planning to introduce in September.

Elon Musk, who made a statement about the autonomous semi of Tesla named Tesla Semi in April, said that the truck would come out in September; however it seemed that the company could not complete the necessary preparations for Tesla Semi as fast as Musk wanted. Elon Musk, who made a new statement about Semi on his Twitter account, gave a definitive date this time and stated that Tesla Semi is going to be introduced and be tested on October 26th. The presentation of Tesla Semi will take place at the Tesla Design Center near SpaceX‘s office in California.

In Tesla Semi, Tesla’s new electric motor, which is used in Tesla Model 3, is used. It was stated that Tesla Semi, which can travel about 1,600 kilometers with a tank fuel, is going to be able to compete with the classic trucks with its special engine and batteries.

With this development which will please the semi industry, the company will compete not only with traditional trucks but also with Uber and Google’s partner Waymo that tests their autonomous technology through semis.

There is not much information about Tesla Semi that Tesla expects to have a high profit margin, but within a short time the details about the autonomous semis will be released.

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