Tastes that should definitely be eaten when you go to Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic is very interesting with its historical texture and cuisine. Prague is one of the most preferred routes of the tourists. Most of us know about the historical beauties of this old town, but what about the delicious tastes of Prague? We have compiled famous tastes for you that must be eaten in Prague.

Trdelnik, which you can often see in Prague streets, comes from Czech and Slovak culture. When the dough is baked, it is covered with cinnamon and sugar. Chocolate and ice cream are added to it. Sweet lovers should definitely try it.

Plnena Paprika is another taste of Czech cuisine which is served with tomato sauce. Next to it sliced ​​bread or potato paste is given.

Smazeny is one of the most popular snack dishes. Served with fried potatoes, salad and sauce, Smazeny is usually preferred next to beer.

Svíčková, one of the most popular dishes of Czech cuisine, is made from beef tenderloin. Cream sauce is added on the meat which is quite salty. It is served with bread slices.

Pecena Kachna, a fried duck, is quite popular with its flavor. It is served in slices or half. The grill is prepared by frying until it is like a pomegranate.

Knedliky is known for its similarity to ravioli. It is prepared by boiling in water. Berries such as strawberries and apricots are added inside it.

Rajska Omacka is like Svickova but it has tomato sauce. It is served with slices of bread. This recipe is quite satisfying because the tomato sauce is really delicious.

Medovnik is a kind of cake with has a rich walnut taste. It is served with honey and jam.

Smazene Zampiony is a meal made with mushrooms, flour and eggs. It is served as a snack. It is usually preferred with potatoes and salad.

Langose is a kind of dish served with cheddar and sauce. The dough of Langose is prepared by frying it with oil.

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