Take care of yourself

Being a parent is a big responsibility in itself, while being a working parent often needs to have superpowers. Being a good parent, a successful employee, a good and concerned wife/husband, a good friend, a good son/daughter… Even thinking about all this is tiring. So what about yourself? Where are you staying in this density? The intensity of life and all these expectations cause people to forget themselves most of the time. But it is not possible for you to be a good parent, a concerned wife/husband, a good friend, a good son/daughter and a successful employee without taking good care of yourself.

In your own life, you must love yourself enough in order to take care of yourself and take time for yourself. If everything you need to do is ordered by others and if you are doing daily tasks automatically like a clock, after a while you will begin to feel just as a servant of those who have surrounded you. Over time, you will feel that you are not living your own life. Everyone around will start to make you feel anger and anxious, and burnout syndrome and depression will be the other feelings waiting for you.

Taking time for yourself in daily life is actually the main way to stop all these discrepancies. Respect yourself firstly and take just 30 minutes a day for you to do whatever you want. Do not wait to meet all the needs of your loved ones or do not wait them to give you time. You must create time for yourself. Dealing with things you like, listening to music, maybe getting up a little early and doing sports, reading books, dealing with the garden will keep you away from all the stress of your daily life and make you happy. Just try and see…

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