Strange habits of the richest people of the world

Most of us are dreaming about what we will do if we have billions of dollars. Some may dream about traveling the world, some want to buy a luxury house and an expensive car…  You can continue to dream, here are the interesting habits of the richest people of the world. You will be surprised at the habits of the riches with billions of dollars.

Mark Zuckerberg, who has a fortune of 50 billion dollars in a young age, prefers to live modestly. He hates to spend money for dresses. He usuaslly wears comfortable T-shirts and jeans. He is living in a house that worth 7 million dollars, but he prefers to use an Volkswagen which costs 30 thousand dollars. Zuckerberg announced that he will donate his shares of Facebook.

The owner of IKEA Ingvar Kamprad, 91 years old, has a $ 39 billion fortune. Old billionaire is eating his lunch at the IKEA cafeteria and he takes the packaged salt and pepper to home. The Swedish billionaire is able to by a helicopter or jet but he uses bus to go to the work. He has a 1993 model Volvo 240. He does not fly at first class; he prefers to travel with economy and even discount airlines. Kamprad tells his staff to use both sides of the paper every year.

Indian businessman Azim Premji, the owner of Wipro, has $ 17 billion in money. His biggest obsession is to personally follow the consumption of toilet paper in his company where 175 thousand people work. After the end of the work, he announces to the staff that they turn off the lights. Premji, who uses the second hand cars, also uses three-wheeled van when he goes to the airport.

Charlie Ergen, 64, who owns 15 billion dollars, also owns the famous Dish Network. He is taking his lunch packaged from home. He is always flying with economy class. Ergen, who hates his staff for coming late, first used the carded turnstile system. After seeing the fraud, he set up a fingerprinted vending machine. Charlie Ergen rewards the timely employees once every year with a ski vacation.

Warren Buffet is one of the wealthiest men in the world with a fortune of $ 70 billion. Buffet still lives in the mansion he bought at a price of $ 31,500 in 1958. He is not using a mobile phone and there is no computer in his office. He cannot prevent himself from eating snacks.

Judy Faulkner has about $ 2.5 billion in wealth. 73 years old billionaire has a company that produces software for the healthcare sector. Fulkner has changed her cars only twice during her lifetime. The last one is a 5-year-old Audi Vagon. She’s been living in the same mansion with her husband for 30 years. She announced that she would inherit half of her fortune to charity. 73 percent of her company’s control belongs to the staff and their families.

Carlos Slim is a Mexican child of a Lebanese immigrant family with a total of 32 billion dollars. He does not eat anything other than home food. He lives in the same villages for 40 years. .

Amancio Ortega, who has a wealth of $ 71 billion, owns Inditex, a garment company. Ortega prefers to eat his meals in the Zara cafeteria, even though he has many alternatives in a gastronomic country like Spain. If he does not have anything to do, he’s stuck with a $ 45 million jet. Like Zuckerberg, he’s conservative and frugal. He usually wears a white shirt or T-shirt and a blazer jacket on it.

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