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About Realtime Register
Realtime Register is an ICANN accredited registrar that’s been around since 2004, we manage over 1.5 million domains and serve over 250.000 customers and resellers
. We proudly deliver high-end solutions for domains, like our advanced and complete domain name registrar platform with countless possibilities for thousands of partners worldwide.

Working together
To see in what ways we may be able to cooperate, it’s important that we get an accurate idea of your current business and wishes. These questions will help us do so;

– What can you tell us about your company?

– What were you looking for when you signed up at Realtime Register?

– In which countries are you mainly active at the moment?

– Do you currently manage domains at other registrars? If so, which registrar do you use and what does your portfolio consist of?

– How would you prefer to work, would you use our Domain Manager, our API or WHMCS?
– What do you need from us to start doing business?


Depending on your answers and wishes, we will be able to provide you with the correct products and services.


Demo Account

We have sent a separate email, right after your signup, with login credentials for a demo account.

Using this demo account you will get a general overview of the possibilities with Realtime Register.

We look forward to working with you and help boost your business!

Kind regards,


Sales Department

Realtime Register


Ceintuurbaan 32A

8024 AA Zwolle



T +31 38 453 0759

F +31 38 454 0122

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