Spring style questions

Yes, new season officially started with sakura flowers. What about your wardrobe? Is it ready for the new season? With the blossoms of the sakura trees and most of the other fruit trees, we started to smell the fresh spring weather. Spring has sprung but it’s still a bit chilly. So, nowadays dressing is a bit complicated. Check the items you already have in your wardrobe, and then look at the season trends written below, decision of what to wear is still yours.

Tights are a still famous this season, but not the black opaques, plain sheers of the kind are on the top. You can wear them with little white ankle socks and trainers as if you are in 1990s; or with strappy sandals in a contrasting color.

You do not hear wrong skinny jeans are still popular for some. But if you are ready to leave from yours, there are many different alternatives, the Vetements-inspired stepped-hem kick-flare crop is still riding high and the Martin Sheen in Badlands-style indigo worker jean is coming on strong. Remember that a new jean means a new silhouette. If you have any doubts, go to a shop and try some on.

What about the legend of white trainers? The new white trainer fashion types are into is the Reebok Club C 85.

Last week with the announcement of Ascot on the love of  jumpsuits official dress code, perfectly useful trend seems to be favor again. But be careful about with what you wear jumpsuits. With high heels, a blow-dry and a manicure, a jumpsuit feels a bit Ladies Day. Worn utility style with a battered pair of converse, you’re basically Ripley in Alien, which seems excellent.

Last spring/summer’s mega-trend is still on top, but with some innovations. Rather than going bra-free, wearers are now flashing their bra straps. So the neckline that was known as the Bardot becomes the Bra-dot for 2017.

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