Special robot from Toyota for the paralyzed patients

Toyota developed a special robot that will help people with limited mobility and older people.  According to the information released on the website of Toyota USA, Toyota stands out with the technological innovations that it brings to the automotive sector, and now it develops a special robot in order to help patients with paralysis. Taking the philosophy of “Human Respect” as its basic principle, Toyota aims to help people with limited mobility and older people with this robot that it developed.

For the first time, the new robot was tested by an American soldier who was wounded in Afghanistan and paralyzed down the stairs. Toyota’s Human Support Robot (HSR) successfully performs tasks such as opening doors, bringing water and snacks while helping the retired troops carry out their daily activities. The purpose of this robot, which can be used for communication via internet connection, is to provide more freedom and improve the quality of life for people.

Toyota’s Human Support Robot (HSR), equipped with artificial intelligence, can perceive its surroundings in 3D with its cameras. The lightweight, high maneuverable robot can hold thin or thick objects easily thanks to its 3-jointed flexible hand and arms. Thin objects such as paper can be brought to the user by vacuum. The battery lasts for 3 hours. When the battery is nearing the end, the nearest prize can be controlled by a robot, remote control, tablet, smart phone or voice command, which can be recharged by 135 cm.

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