Space Nation Asgardia launches its first Satellite
Space Nation Asgardia launches its first Satellite

Asgardia, who claims to be the first nation of space, is ready to send its first satellite to its homeland. Asgardia, known as the “Space Country”, will launch a small satellite this year and this satellite will be the first satellites of the “nation”. According to Russian scientist Igor Ashurbeyli, the leader of Asgardia this satellite will carry the constitution of the country, the flag and the data about the citizens.

Asgardia is utopic country, which was officially declared by a group of scientists on October 12, 2016.  The country takes its name from the name of 13th month of its calendar. Asgardians are using their own calendar which has 13 months each of 28 days. The extra month is called Asgard.

According to the web site of Asgardia, within the forty hours following the announcement of the country, they received 100,000 citizenship applications. There are now nearly 200,000 Asgardian citizens. If you want to join among the citizens of Asgardia, all you have to do is to apply.

Now Asgardia is governed by Igor Ashurbeyli. He is being prepared for Parliamentary elections starting on 24 June 0001, according to the Asgardia calendar, which is 13 June 2017 according to our calendar.

Igor Ashurbeyli confirmed his plan to launch an Asgardia-1 satellite at a press conference in Hong Kong by saying thatAsgardia-1 will mark the beginning of a new space age, initially carrying the citizens of Asgardia away in virtual form. As stated on the website, Asgardia is planning to launch the second satellite in 2018.

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