Secret places that tourists have not discovered yet!

Thanks to the development of international trade routes and then the wild growth of the tourism industry, today anyone who wants to travel, have the opportunity to see the wonderful beauties of the world. Despite the vast majority of the world has been discovered, there are still unexplored beauties in the world. Moreover, there are still beauties which tourists are not able to visit because the transportation is very difficult to these areas. There are many secret places of beauty like perfect islands, immaculate waters, and flower fields. They all seem to belong to fairy tales … Here are secret places in the world that most tourists have not heard about yet…

1 – La Grotto de Saint Marcel d’Ardeche, is located the Rhône region of the French Alps. There is a large network of caves filled with clear water and colorful rocks. These beautiful networks of caves were discovered by a French hunter in 1836.

2 – Huacachina is a town built in the middle of a large desert in Peru. It takes about five hours to reach to this mystic village from Peru’s capital, Lima. If you succeeded to travel to this beautiful village, you will feel yourself isolated from the world.

3 – Flores Island is national park with unique flora and fauna, located at the westernmost point of the Azores Islands on the Portuguese coast. All the land is covered with different colored flowers, thus it is known as pebbled cloak. Flores Island takes place in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

4 – Blagaj is a small village located between the small waterfalls in the Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are beautiful white houses and a monastery under the cliff. It is considered as a sacred place for the dwellers and the Sufis who build the village.

5 – Lençois Maranhenses National Park is located in northeast Brazil on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Every year during the rainy season, thousands of turquoise lagoons occur among the sand hills. These legendary lagoons reach their full capacity from July to September. Thus, it will be the best period for traveling to Lençois Maranhenses National Park.

6 – Dongchuan Red Soil is a mountainous valley taking place in the southwest of Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province of China. China’s tourist map does not include this amazing valley due to its distance. Wavy landscapes, just like a patchwork quilt having a color fan from brown to red in color, is the result of condensation of minerals and fossils.

7 – Hidden Beach is s secret beach with a pristine aqua and bird variety in Mariete Islands of Mexico. You can just reach this hidden heaven by swimming. After traveling for a few minutes in a labyrinth of underwater caves, you will discover this beach disappearing in the depths of the island.

8 – Silfra Fissure is located in Thingvellir National Park in Iceland. It is one of the favorite points for divers and adventurers. The water is so pure that you can even see the 300 meter depth.

9 – The Italian island of Lago Maggiore, known also as Isola Bella, is one of the most beautiful in the world. The Borromeo palace, caves, terraces, fountains and gardens of various flowers cover almost all the land.

10 – The Pink Lake Hillier of Australia is located in the middle island of south-west of Australia. You can only reach this amazing lake by plane. It was discovered in 1802. It was thought that the lake was pink because of the marine moss and microorganisms.

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