Samsung demonstrates its next generation stretchable OLED display prototype

The Korean technology giant, Samsung exhibited its next generation of stretchable display technology in Los Angeles. Samsung has exhibited its next generation stretchable OLED display prototype on Display Week 2017 in Los Angeles. The new display technology of Samsung has been on the agenda of technology platforms for a long time. The show, which is a prototype of a special AMOLED screen, showed how the display could change if the screen were stretched in different shapes.

The prototype, which is about 9.1 inches in size, is a bit different from the bendable television or smartphone screens we often encounter. The main thing that sets Samsung apart is that it can flex smoothly in both directions and return to its original form if no force is applied.

The prototype can stretch 12 mm in both directions without degrading image quality. Samsung did not share any information about how much the screen can stretch the most. According to the statement made by Samsung, it is very difficult to make mass production of the screen because of the technology the screen requires, but it is thought that this technology can be used in smart watches and cars in the coming years.

The Korean technology giant has been the pioneer of display technology for the past few years. With Samsung’s latest QLED televisions, we get a clue of what the company has planned for its future.

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