Rolls-Royce released autonomous patrol ship

Rolls-Royce announced that it is planning to produce an autonomous patrol vessel which will reduce operational costs and avoid creeping crews. The patrol boats used to protect the shoreline and the foliage are quite important for navy however, they are not sufficiently functional because they are cumbersome, have no operational capability, and the cost of crew is high. Rolls-Royce is planning to overcome these problems. Rolls-Royce released the plans about the autonomous patrol boat project. It was announced that the autonomous patrol boat project planned to be in operation for 100 days would have a 3500 nautical mile (60 mph) range and reach a speed of 25 knots (46.3 kph) in a length of 60 meters.

The British company Rolls-Royce plans to include modular systems which are capable of remote intervention in the event of any technical failure so crew members will not be onboard the vessel they intend to produce. Rolls-Royce, which is considering adding some extra mechanical devices to the ship, is also going to include innovations such as machine learning assisted failure prediction and maintenance. The ship will also be environmentally friendly at the same time as the crew will lift the risk and reduce operational costs. The ship will be supported by solar panels so that the ship can maintain its energy over long waiting periods and not to be energized in unexpected scenarios. It is estimated that energy storage of up to 3000kWh will be made with these panels.

It is said that the total power supply is going to reach 4MW, with two generators onboard the ship, which will be powered entirely by the electric 1.5MW main drive system. This will greatly contribute to reaching 25 knots of power supply. The 4MW power will also provide power to the drone that will be prepared to fly aboard in sudden situations.

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