Recent update of Twitter letting the users make money

Twitter announced an update that will let the users who broadcast their videos on the Periscope app will start earning money. Google‘s video service will compete with YouTube to explore new capabilities on the internet for the purpose of this update.

Through the live broadcast service Periscope in Twitter, users are going to be able to send publishers to a variety of hearts that they can buy, which is a virtual currency.

Broadcasters with $ 175 worth of heart will have the title of ‘super publisher’ and will have the right to cash their earnings. Twitter has released that publishers will receive about 70 percent of their remaining revenue after the fees and the payments.

However, famous sacia media service did not come to explain what would be the income it will gain from this application. Periscope engineer Sara Haider said that their goal is that all publishers can make money out of this application.

Twitter did not announce the the number of live viewers. They explained that Periscope, which was  launched in 2015, hosted 77 million hours of live streaming in the first three months of 2017. The new feature of Twitter, which will first be offered only to the users in the United States, will soon be brought to other countries in the world.

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