Prohibited foods for cancer patients

Diagnosis of cancer affects everything in your life, including your priorities, your family life and your overall outlook to life. While you try to learn what cancer is, how to treat it, and many other things about cancer, and as you are trying to calm dawn and struggle with it, you may not be able to think too much about how you should be fed depending on your illness. But your nutrition is really an important part to treat cancer. During and after your treatment you will be fed adequately and balanced.

Obesity which increases the risk of heart and vascular disease and which is known to have harmful effects on the immune system is the area you must be far away. For this reason, you should take care not to overweight.

Every kind of food and drink with sugar such as sweet drinks, fruit juices, soft drinks, cola, sugary foods should be kept away from you. You must not consume white bread and bakery products. Fast food must be strictly forbidden. Fried potatoes, cornflakes, pasta, chocolate should even not bought.

Ready-to-eat soups, cream, milk powder, jam, syrup, alcohol and all kinds of sweeteners, fruit syrups, food and beverages are among the things that should not be consumed by cancer patients.

Nutrition before and after taking chemotherapy is also very important. If your appetite has decreased due to chemotherapy and the medicines, you must force yourself to eat even if you are not hungry. You should eat as often as you can. This will make it easier to get more food. Keep your supine foods under your hands so you can easily get there when you want something to eat. Cheese and crackers, fruit, yoghurt, pudding may be some of them. When you go out, you can eat foods such as biscuits, crackers or raisins. You should choose high calorie foods with high quality protein such as eggs, meat, yogurt, cheese, dried beans, chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, and brown bread.

Remember that sometimes just changing the shape of food makes them more appetizing. For example, if fresh fruit is causing food problems as a whole, you can eat the fruits as compote or mash.  Try to eat cold foods such as ice cream, yogurt and milk desserts which may give you happiness beside energy.

Greasy, bitter, sour and sweet foods; dishes which are difficult to digest such as onions, garlic, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, pods, dry legumes, beans, carrots, radishes, bean; sour fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, oranges, mandarins; spice; honey; acidic and sour beverages like orange juice; tea and coffee; coke and soda; fries; excessive hot and cold foods; food and drinks containing artificial substances; raw vegetables and fruits have many side effects and it is really necessary to avoid them.


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