Places you should see when you are retired

Most of the people dream of traveling the world or settling in a quiet seaside town when they are retired. Especially people who live in crowded cities, those who lose their patience in the endless traffic of the big cities, start looking for places where they can live a calm and peaceful life in their retirement. Here are the places you should definitely see when you are retired.

Blue Ridge Road which is stated in North Carolina in the United States of America has a really fantastic view. You should definitely go to Blue Ridge Road where the retired people can stay away from the stressful and crowded life of the big cities.

The Rocky Mountaineer Express journey in Canada begins from Vancouver and ends in Jasper. The Rocky Mountaineer Express, where you can enjoy the most beautiful view of British Columbia, will present you one of the best view you have never see before with the excellent ocean view, waterfalls and gigantic mountain views.

Ireland is another place that you must see while enjoying retirement. Ireland is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the west, the Irish Sea in the east and the George Canal and the Celtic Sea to the south. Transport networks are quite comfortable in this beautiful country. The trains are frequent between cities in Ireland, while buses, trams, caravans and taxis are preferred for intra-city transport. Cliffs Mohr in Clare is one of the most visited places of Ireland. One of the other favorite places for tourists is the Kilkenny Antique City.

The Sicilian region which is one of the 20 autonomous regions of Italy separated from the main country with the 1948 constitution is one of the most beautiful islands in the country. Palermo must be your first stop when you start to travel among Sicily. Because, Palermo has been the most important and the largest city of the island of Sicily.

Arizona is famous for its canyons and desert. As it is obvious, the most important geographical feature of Arizona is the Grand Canyon. And, the Colorado River flowing 1107 km is the longest river in Arizona. You must see the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River once when you are retired. The matchless view of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River will remind you your long life path.

Australia is an island country taking place in the southern hemisphere. It stretches between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It is located in Oceania and occupies a very large part of the continent. This old land will fascinate you with unique natural wonders. You must go absolutely.

Costa Rica, meaning ‘rich coast’ in Spanish is a Central American country. It is bordered by Nicaragua to the north, the Great Ocean to the west of the country, by Panama in the south east, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. It has rich coastline and wonderful beaches just like its name means. The beaches of Costa Rica will be an unforgettable experience for you.

When you think about the Southeast Asia, the well-known Southeast Asian Rivers came to mind. In Asia, there are many rivers which surround the continent and which flow into all three seas around Asia. You will lose track of time in this old continent that rivers give life.

China, which has the most population of the world, is a country where everyone must go through once in life. When you go to China, you must absolutely see the Great Wall, Potala Palace, Forbidden City and the Bund comes first.

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