One in every 8 females has breast cancer

The most common type of cancer in women is breast cancer. The frequency of occurrence of breast cancer is increasing day by day. According the final repost of the World Health Organization (WHO) one out of every eight women in the world has breast cancer. Unfortunately, almost everyone has a close relative having breast cancer.

Beside the increasing rate of the patients having breast cancer, the good news is that it is possible to be treated completely with early diagnosis.  According to the oncologists one of the most important precautions to prevent the losses from breast cancer is having routine breast screenings. It will be really helpful for early diagnosis. Mammography has been the most effective method for screening and provides at least 20 percent of life.

In addition to these screening programs, most of the oncologists point out that it is important for women to have knowledge about how to behave if they have breast cancer. Women must be informed about the causes, the symptoms, the prevention ways of the breast cancer and about the screening programs.

It is important that every woman is aware of the method of self-controlling from the young age because of the fact that the age of breast cancer has reached the age of 20.  Older age has been among the risk factors of breast cancer, but due to the stressful daily lives, malnutrition and eating hormone foods and lack of physical exercises, breast cancer, like most of the other cancer types, started to be seen among younger women.

It is necessary to have a breast examination every year in order to diagnose breast cancer. It is about 100% success rate in early diagnosis. In advanced stages of this disease, life span is limited and treatment options affect quality of life poorly. In advanced societies, diagnosis of early stage breast cancer rates are above 85 percent. Do not forget that our health is our most precious asset.

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