Official sale date of YotaPhone 3 was released

YotaPhone 3, which will have separate screens on the front and back side, has been officially announced. YotaPhone, developed by Russian phone maker Baoli Yota, attracted great interest as it first appeared. The phone, which also had a full-size screen behind it, offers a similar look to e-book readers with its screen at the back side.

YotaPhone, which takes into account the long usage period, was on the shelves in 2013 with its first model. YotaPhone 2 was reopened to the stage in 2014. Following this, news about YotaPhone 3 came out in 2015, but there have been no more news about this phone until the trade fair held in China.

The YotaPhone officials, who have performed at the festival surprisingly, have announced the coming of YotaPhone 3 this year. YotaPhone 3, which will be available for sale in China in September 2017, will then be on the shelves in Russia. It will have two different storage options, 64GB and 128GB. The dual-screen phone will have a price level of 350 dollars to 450 dollars.

In the presentation, no information was given other than the date of sale, storage capacity and price of YotaPhone 3. However, of course the new model will be double-screened. The front will be a full-color screen like the one on the standard smartphone, while the back of the YotaPhone 3, which comes with a grayscale e-ink screen, will look at when it will remove the secret page.

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