Nokia 3310 verses Samsung Galaxy S8

One is famous for its snake game; other offers every possible feature of a modern smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S8 took place in the markets this month with the aim of dominating the smartphone market.

Can the ghost of a colorful phone that had had its best time 17 years ago, prevent the rise of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in the market? Do you hear the screams of Nokia while recreating itself from its ashes? For the ones whose first cellphone was a Nokia, it can be really emotional to see Nokia on sale again. When the news has suggested that the updated Nokia 3310 could be on shelves in the UK, everyone looked at each other as if they see a ghost but also with a huge curiosity. As the phone was revealed firstly earlier this year, even the first sale date of it wasn’t exact. That caused frustration and doubt. As the release date was asked, the Finnish company just said “Q2 2017” as an answer. It is now reported by Gadgets Now that the release will take place at the end of April.


That could cause a bit of annoyance for Samsung‘s highly-touted S8 and S8+ which are both already available to pre-order at Carphone Warehouse. Samsung’s phones which include advanced features like a full-screen display, fingerprint scanner, dual-pixel camera and a smart voice assistant called Bixby, cost £689. On the other hand, Nokia is just proud of its phone’s a month never ending battery.


This explanation caused the consumers think that it doesn’t have any applications, a touchscreen or even the ability to catch a 4G signal. Despite lacking most of the main features of a modern smartphone, the Nokia 3310 was met with great enthusiasm after it was showed.


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