New & Upcoming Movies of 2017


    1. The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales: Jack Sparrow, known for his crazy adventures, feels the bad winds approaching the sailing water. Deadly phantom ghost pirates under the control of terrible Captain Salazar have managed to escape from the Satan’s Triangle of by killing all the pirates in the sea and Jack is the only surviving pirate captain.

  1. Transformers: The Last Knight is aiming this time to shatter the myths in the core of the previous movies. Humans and Transformers are in battle, Optimus Prime has gone. The only way out of saving the future lies in the secrets of the past and in the Transformers’ secret past in the world.
  2. Thor 3: Ragnarok: We will witness the approaching Norse doomsday. Thor far from Asgard, trapped at the other end of the universe, cannot find the exit path. Moreover, the powerful attractor is not with him, and Asgard is close to the destruction.
  3. The Mummy is the newest version of the mummy stories, which started to gain a considerable place on the white screen after being shot firstly in 1932. It came to the vision again in 1999 with Stephen Sommers’ camera. And in 2013 Universal Studios went on to recreate the original ‘The Mummy’ with a re-cycle, and finally in 2017 we will see the last version.
  4. Spider-Man: Homecoming: Peter, had an amazing adventure with the Avengers, is wishing to prove himself. However, he has many different responsibilities. Young Peter, who lives with his aunt May, has also promoted his friendship with Iron Man.
  5. Blade Runner 2049 is a long-awaited sequel to the 1982-made Blade Runner movie. It was adapted from the novel by Philip K. Dick. Oscar winner Jared Leto is also featured for a key role in the movie lineup of Harrison Ford, starring Ryan Gosling and Rick Deckard.
  6. Cars 3 is the sequel of Pixar’s favorite series Cars. Brian Fee sits back in the director’s seat. We see the new adventures of Lightning McQueen in the movie.
  7. Wonder Woman: The amazon princess, Diana Price, also named Wonder Woman, leaves behind the tropical lands in order to discover our world. Patty Jenkins is sitting on Wonder Woman’s director’s chair. She is a beautiful hero who is equipped with many talents and a witty intelligence.
  8. Gifted Official Trailer: Frank Adler revived by Chris Evans has a full of life failures. He is growing his nephew Mary who is a really wise girl. He fights mother Evelyn to raise Mary, because she is immediately genius.
  9. Justice League, one of the most important projects of the DC brings together the most important heroes in the line. Inspired by Superman’s sacrifices, Batman’s faith in mankind has been restored. They are ready to fight for the fate of mankind with the new allies Wonder Woman.


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