New microSD card from SanDisk with the largest capacity of all times

A new threshold has been exceeded in MicroSD cards, which are mostly used on Android smartphones and action cameras. The newest MicroSD cards of  SanDisk has a capacity of 400 GB.

SanDisk, the largest producer of flash memory technologies in the world, introduced the most extensive microSD memory card ever. The newest MicroSD card has a full 400 GB capacity. In addition, you can transfer data at a rate of 100 MB per second, that means you can process your work very fast. It is possible to transfer up to 1,200 images per minute.

SanDisk continues to produce small samples as this card is ideal for Android tablets and phones. For instance, you can store HD video on this card for a total length of 40 hours. Well, what about the price of this high capacity micro card? SanDisk is going to sell this new card for $ 250.

SanDisk is the largest producer of flash memory technologies in the world. The center of the company is in California in the United States. SanDisk was first established in 1988 by Dr. Eli Harari under the name of SunDisk. The comapny has been listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the name SanDisk since November 1995,

The revenue of the company was about 3,3 billion dollars in 2006. SanDisk has over 2,000 employees worldwide and also has over 600 patents. Flash memory based products of the company include mp3 players, usb memory and flash cards.

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