‘New internet’ under state control in the UK

The law that obliges internet service providers to record their customers’ internet histories caused new internet restrictions to come to the agenda in the United Kingdom. After the newly adopted Investigatory Powers Act, the Conservative Party in the UK wants to restrict the internet with a new legislative proposal. If this proposal is accepted, the UK will be the country with the world’s heaviest control over the internet.

The recent law on the internet usage gives the Internet Service Providers the obligation to record internet history, while ministers also have the right to request and read message logs from applications like WhatsApp.

This proposal states that the government will work until it becomes certain that “the terrorists have no safe area to communicate via internet”. This means that the Internet Service Providers must put ‘back doors’ into the technology companies’ software and services. So the government will be able to observe the messages and the activities from these back doors at any time they want. In fact, besides the messages of the terrorists, everyone’s personal privacy will be violated.

According to this law proposal, shares in social networks will also be controlled and unwanted shares in networks like Facebook, Twitter and so on may also be removed. Access to websites in certain content, including those with pornographic content, will also be restricted. In this regard, ministers will still have decisive authority.

There is another interesting item in the proposal offering that websites such as Google will stop linking to sites with pornographic content.

Technology companies will be obliged to clean the shares of the people under the age of 18. Namely, social networks will be effectively banned for the ones under the age of 18 practically.

The Conservative Party is also planning to follow the advertisement revenue of the news and news sources on the internet.

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