Netflix spent the most in these series

Television and television series are becoming history day by day. The Internet series has become the new trend all over the world. Netflix, the media provider which serves the users over the Internet has also been becoming a giant day by day. Here are some of the products of Netflix which  are released on via internet and which cost millions of dollars for the company.

HOUSE OF CARDS: The House of Cards had a budget of $ 50 million only for the first season. But, if you look at the index’s odds, it’s worth every dollar Netflix spends on this production. This internet series has become a phonemenon from the first season.

MARCO POLO: Netflix spent too much in order to make an impact like the Game of Thrones. 10 episodes of this series cost 90 million dollars. In fact, the series still cannot afford the money.

SENSE8: For Sense8, Netflix’s fortune has now reached about $ 110 million. In other words, it cost about 9 million dollars per episode.

THE GET DOWN: The Get Down’s budget for Netflix has been ​​$ 120 million. According to some estimations, The Get Down was even more expensive than The Crown.

THE CROWN: The most expensive production of Netflix until now is The Crown. The budget for the first season of The Crown is $ 130 million

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