Most expensive junk food of the world

We call it a junk food for almost everything we ate randomly without considering the benefits. Desserts, hamburgers, ice cream, snacks, chocolate and many other products that can be counted are the enemy of the diet and the fearful dream of the mother trying to eat food for her child.

Well, even if it’s a loss, why do we love these foods so much? The biggest reason for this is said to be the body’s vulnerability to harmful products. As we add the high prices we are filling in unhealthy mushrooms with a bun. But I want to make a separate room for the prices. There are some junk food with really amazing prices. Here are 10 of the most expensive junk food in the world.

Powder Room Milkshake: At the beginning of our listing, there is Powder Room Milkshake priced at $ 500. The blend prepared by bartender Adrianne Biggs is presented to customers in the Powder Room in Hollywood. The main ingredients in the mixture are Belgian chocolate, liqueur and edible gold leaf. There is also a ring worth $ 190 on the special milkshake.


Nino Selimaj’s Pizzas: Another of the world’s most expensive burger snacks is Nino Selimaj’s special pizza. Nino Selimaj started the restoration sector in 1958 by dishwashing and now has 5 restaurants in New York. Among Selimaj’s clients are Clint Eastwood, Hilary Duff, Chelsea Clinton, Tony Bennett, a member of The Sopranos, and many more. Of course, Nino Selimaj’s famous pizzas are also served at restaurants of successful entrepreneur New York. In the food called Belissima Pizza, there are 6 different caviar varieties, lobster and sauce for 820 dollars.


The cupcake, also known as The Golden Phoenix, is priced at $ 1,000. The cupcake, which includes 23 gauge edible gold leaf, organic oil and flour, cocoa from Italy, and vanilla from Uganda, is prepared by Shafeena Yusuff Ali, the founder of Bloomsbury. According to Shafeena Yusuff Ali’s explanation, it took the creator’s full 5 weeks to prepare this dessert.

Golden Opulence: Let’s just say that the Golden Opulence, which is a bit different from the ice cream you’ve seen so far, is worth $ 1000. Serendipity, located in New York, is served in 3 named restaurants. Vanilla seeds, a privileged caviar variety, sugared fruit from Paris, 23 calorie edible gold leaf. It is also said that the chocolate sauce on the ice cream is one of the best in the world. Golden Opulence is presented with a spoon made entirely of gold.

Food Network UK Cupcake Dress: Another product on our list is a bit different than the above snacks. Because, this product is a dress prepared with 300 cupcakes. The impressive dress, designed by Food Network UK, was released against the audience at the National Cupcake Week and has been attracting the attention of the whole world. Inspired by Mari Antoinette, the designer of the dress is Janis Morrrison.

New York 230 Fifth Hot Dog: One of the world’s most expensive burger snacks is the hot dog sandwich served at the 230 Fifth-named restaurant in New York. In the food which is worth $ 2,300, there is Beef, Vidalia onion carved with Dom Perignon champagne, black truffle, white truffle, caviar and Cristal brand champagne. On the other hand, when you eat this sandwich, you will be cheerful and spend $ 2,300 for a good cause. Because the income from the sale of the sandwich is announced to be sent to charity.

Pizza Royale 007: Pizza Royale 007, created by Scottish born award-winning restaurant operator Domenico Crolla, is also known as the world’s most expensive pizzas. Pizza with a price of $ 4,200 and a size of 30 cm; Dom Perignon branded champagne caviar, marinated lobster with cognac, smoked salmon, venison, balsamic vinegar and some kind of Italian ham. Above all, 24 carats of edible gold leaves are spread over the pizza.

FleurBurger: The burger served at the Fleur named restaurant in Las Vegas was prepared by Chef Hubert Keller. The price of FleurBurger, prepared with Wagyu beef, black truffle, unsalted oil, corn flour and goose liver, was set at $ 5,000.

Serendipity 3 Frrrozan Hot Chocolate: It looks clearly that this dessert is made for its high cost. It costs $ 25,000. Serendipity succeeded in entering the Guinness Book of Records with its sweet, high price created by the name of the restaurant. There are also 14 different varieties of cocoa, with a diamond on sweet, which consists of edible gold leaves.

Chocolate Pudding Prepared For Carl Weininger: The dessert prepared for Carl Weininger, a business man abandoned by his girlfriend, is worth $ 35,000. The chocolate pudding, prepared by Chef Marc Guilbert, is inspired by a Faberge egg. Belgian chocolate, edible gold leaves, caviar and champagne are prepared with ingredients such as honey on a diamond is 2 carat weight. According to Carl Weininger’s statement, this sweet, worth $ 35,000, has raised the business man’s morale a lot.


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