Mobile platforms lost on the way of being the best

They wanted to be the best mobile platform by crossing iOS and Android. unfortunately, things did not work out for them.

As of today, the smartphone market is under the control of two names: iOS and Android. While the first is responsible for the spread of smartphones, the second has enabled smartphones to reach the farthest reaches of the world. Today, the power of the two platforms is so strong that it is almost impossible to think of an alternative one.

However, that was not always the case. Many companies wanted to take profits from the smartphone business since 2008. Some of these companies succeeded in attracting attention, but some of their initiatives were a little stupid. Sailfish OS, MeeGo, Firefox OS, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone 7/8, WebOS are just some of these loser platforms.

MeeGo: Until 2011, the Nokia N9, the first and only phone using MeeGo, continued to hit the market, without fully realizing the rise of Android and iOS. Developed by the partnership of Intel and Nokia, MeeGo is an innovative operating system which aims to create a streamlined user experience with low system requirements, intuitive interface, messaging center and multitasking.

MeeGo, was the victim of internal policies which also prepared the end of Nokia. After CEO Stephen Elop‘s famous “burning platform” letter, MeeGo was killed for Windows Phone.

Sailfish OS: Developed by a group of former Nokia engineers, the Sailfish OS was based largely on MeeGo, focusing on finger movements instead of buttons. Intex Aqua Fish 2016, which was the first phone to use Sailfish OS, was sold just in India. The company, which currently has economic difficulties, has accepted financial aid in the last days.

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