Microsoft supports Android of the autonomous cars of Baidu

Microsoft wants to build software which will power the autonomous cars instead of producing them like Apple. The company joined the Apollo platform, which was launched as the Android of autonomous vehicles. Microsoft joined among the 50 largest companies created by Baidu and backing the development of the Apollo driverless car platform powered by the industry leaders such as Intel, NVIDIA and Tom Tom.

Chinese search giant Baidu plans that Apollo platform will come to the level where it can fight against giants such as Google and Uber by the support of big companies such as Microsoft. Baidu is also trying to make it an international enterprise which can compete with similar autonomous vehicle platforms developed by automobile companies such as Ford and BMW.

The company sees Apollo platform as an important milestone for the automotive industry. The operation manager of Baidu says that the autonomous cars are as the Android of the automobile indystry, but it’s clearer and stronger, and Apollo is not just Baidu, it belongs to everyone in the ecosystem.

Microsoft made it clear that the company is not interested in producing autonomous vehicles, however instead it wants to be a company that has the power to drive autonomous vehicles. A similar statement was made by Apple CEO Tim Cook recently that he had focused on the autonomous writing of the Cupertino-based technology giant.

CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella used the phrase “I am very excited about all the car companies that use Azure today” in the last year’s statement, saying that Microsoft is a software company before anything else and that producing software that will power automobile is more logical than building the car itself he stressed.

Apollo platform of Chinese giant Baidu was declared in April 2017 and driverless cars technology formed on this platform are expected to be released until 2020.

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