Microsoft introduced new Surface Pro

The software giant Microsoft introduced the new Surface Pro version of the Surface family and announced the date of the sale. It was expected Microsoft to introduce a new Surface Pro 5. Actually it was a bit like that, but Microsoft declared that from now on the model will only be called Surface Pro.

Although the new Surface Pro is similar to Surface Pro 4, there are significant changes in this new model. Panos Panay, known as the creator of the Surface brand, said that in the new Surface Pro more than 800 details have changed in comparison to the previous model.

Surface Pro has the 7th Generation Kaby Lake processor of Intel. Surface Pro with fanless design includes processor options such as Core m3 and Core i5. However, the Core i7 model has a fan. According to the statement made by Microsoft, the new device offers a battery life of 13.5 hours. This means a 50% increase in service life comparing to the Surface Pro 4 model.

Another difference from the previous Surface models is that a Surface Pro model will go on the market with LTE support for the first time. New devices have microSIM or eSIM support.

This model will be slightly more expensive than other models. But there is still no exact information about the price and date of selling of Surface Pro.

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