Magnificent architectural artifacts

They are not taking place in the Wonders of the World, but they are unique engineering miracles bearing the periods they were built to the future. Some of them have survived for thousands of years, and some of them reflect the most radical possibilities of modern times. The architectural artifacts that can be considered the masterpieces of humanity taking place in different parts of the world from Egypt to China, from Ethiopia to Turkey

Khufu Pyramid, taking place in Gize, Egypt, has surprised people with its magnificent history dating back to four thousand years ago and with its hugeness. But, the only characteristic of the Khufu Pyramid is not its size. It is a pyramid that is perfectly constructed according to a contrived plan and it is seen as a geometry and astronomical masterpiece.

Hagia Sophia, located in Istanbul, Turkey, was built by the Byzantine emperor Justinianus in 537. The dome of Hagia Sophia, which is about 30 meters in diameter and which is seen as if hanging in the air, is still seen as an architectural genius by architects.

The Great Wall of China, alleged to have even been seen from the space, was built in the third century by the Qin dynasty to prevent Mongolian invasions. The construction of the Great Wall of China, has taken for about 2000 years. It is an extraordinary architectural wonder over 6500 kilometers.

The Guggenheim Museum in Spain is like a puzzle more than a building. This masterpiece is the work of architect Frank Gehry. A three-dimensional computer program has been developed for this modern building, which is an architectural revolution with fluid architectural lines. The works of famous artists such as Warhol, Rothko, and Koons, are exhibited in the museum. The Guggenheim Museum attracts millions every year.

Lalibela in Ethiopia is made up of monolithic clichés carved into the rock. These clinics are still actively used. It is believed that in the construction of the Lalibela thousands of people worked with subnatural beings.

The ancient city of Yaxchilan, built among the dense forests of the Rio Usumacinta region of Mexico, is one of the most difficult places to land. However, the magnificent view you see when you arrive is worth all the hardships.

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