Irish beach reappeared after 33 years

The beach that disappeared in Ireland 33 years ago reappeared overnight after freak tide. Dooagh Beach, located on Achill Island in the western part of Ireland, reappeared interestingly 33 years after it was flooded.

The Dooagh Beach in Achill Island of Ireland was flooded in 1984. It was completely washed away and 1984 was the last time the beach was there. However, after a freak tide this year, hundreds of tonnes of sand was deposited around the area where the beach once stood, recreating the old 300-metre stretch of golden sand.

Thousands of tourists come to this region each year. The formation of a shoreline of 300 meters in length pleased residents of the region. After the reappearance of the Dooagh Beach, residents of the region are waiting a rise in the number of tourists visiting the island. Emmet Callaghan from the Achill Island Tourist Office said to the BBC that the residents of the region are very happy with this situation. Callaghan added that thousands of people from all over Ireland and Britain flock to the village with cars and caravans in order to see the new coast.

Dr. Ivan Haigh from the University of Southampton said that the re-emergence of the beach has two explanations. This formation might be caused by a change in the supply of sediments on the upper or lower side of the beach, which is caused by overflowing beach sands; or it is the result of the change of wave climate which caused some secret tidal.

Achill Island is an outlying, rugged and untouched island in the west of Ireland. Heinrich Böll, the German anti-Nazi Nobel prize-winning author is the most famous inhabitant of Achill Island. After the formation of this unexpected beach there will be new tourists and inhabitants coming to the island.

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