iPhone X has overtaken 5 countries in the first day

And the hotly anticipated launch of iPhone X has finally been realized … For months, tech followers have been curious about the new iPhone. Apple unveiled the iPhone X model which was designed specifically for the 10th anniversary of the famous smartphone series, in the launch in September 12. The sales price of the phone is currently higher than the per capita national income of the five countries in the world.

In the launch of Apple on 12th September, the price of the design of the iPhone X specially designed for the 10th year was also discussed.

IPhone 8 is going to be sold for 699 dollars while iPhone 8 Plus will be sold at prices starting at 799 dollars. The starting price of the iPhone X is $ 999. At present, the per capita national income of some countries is below the sales price of the iPhone X.

In Liberia, per capita national income is around $ 900, while in Congo and Burundi per capita national income is $ 800. The other two countries below these three countries are Central African Republic with $ 700 and Somalia with $ 400 respectively.

Let’s see if the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which were expected for months to come, can set the expected sales records.

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