Incredible job accident cases in the world

It is becoming more and more important to protect the rights of the employees in the workplace not only in the developed countries but also in developing countries. The oppressed working class of the industrial revolution period learned to seek their rights in the course of the time, and eventually the laws evolved to protect the rights of the workers. The rights of employees in some developed countries have become so absurd that even some employees who broke his tooth while taking photocopies, has begun filing lawsuits claiming that the employer has to meet his damage. Here are examples of interesting labor accidents around the world.

One of the workers in Dresden, Germany decided to have a non-alcoholic beer when he was photocopying. The beer suddenly bubbled up and his tooth was broken while trying to pull it in. Is this a job accident? Dresden Social Court says ‘no’ by stating that nutrition is not covered by insurance, and photocopying is not an appetizing and thirsty job.

A woman fell down the stairs while taking water. The woman could not get a result at the Social Court in Mainz. The State Social Court stated that the nutrition is not covered by the insurances. However, the court accepted that the places passed while getting water were insured. Since the stairs belonged to the place of work, it was ruled that the incident was a work accident. The Federal Court of Appeals, a superior court, made a different decision on this issue. Judges agree that the road to the division where the food is located is insured. However, eating and drinking should be done within the framework of business rules. Anyone working from the house office can decide for themselves when to drink water. So, if someone is going to get water at work, it is not a job accident.

A man returning from a business appointment was eating ice-cream and some of it was stocked on his throat while he was on the station on the subway. The ice cream, which escaped to his throat, brought a sudden bitter. He was diagnosed with a heart attack at the hospital. This is not a job accident. Because, ice-cream is eaten for pleasure according to the social court. Ice-cream is not a food that makes it difficult to do the job.

A woman working in gastronomy fell asleep behind the bar and fell from the chair. Is this a labor accident or not? Social Court decided that the cause of her insomnia was not due to overworking and that it would not be covered by accident insurance.

A plaintiff went to Ibiza upon the assignment of his company and met a customer there on the coast of a holiday club. When he wanted to go inside again, the gate officer started to argue and the officer hit him. The plaintiff was hurt from his head. He will take advantage of it. Business trip is in insurance coverage. However, the accidents that occur at nights and had drunkenly are not considered to be work accidents.

A farmer’s cow was in danger of choking as its chain ties around its neck. The brother of farmer saved the cow from drowning. But then he was kicked by another cow and his leg was broken. The social court judged that the incident was a work accident. Because, the people who helped in the accidents are covered in the insurance of the labor accidents.

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