Iceberg’s krona gained a lot from Game Of Thrones

Iceland, where the filming of the Game Of Thrones serial has been going on, has been under the influx of tourists. As the Game Of Thrones broke the world-wide track record, Iceland gained as much as the producers of this serial.  Iceland has had the peak of tourism with this famous serial while Iceland’s currency has risen 21 percent against the euro and 15 percent against the dollar in the last one year.

Iceland returned to the financial markets nine years after the collapse of its banking system with the global financial crisis thanks to the worldwide popularity of the Game of Thrones. The economy of  Iceland is enjoying the Game of Thrones serial, which has been watched by millions of people around the world.

Many scenes of the Games of Thrones are attracted in Iceland and millions of tourists are sweepig into this beautiful country. As the tourism sector of the country is gaining a lot from this popular serial,  it  has also cause an increase in the exports of Iceland. And the currency of Iceland which provides the best return among these leading global currencies is living its best days.

Iceland’s economy grew by 11.3 percent in the last quarter of 2016, according to the final released financial data of the country. Tourism sector and export became the leading sector of the economic growth. It is also reported that Iceland had a 64 percent growth in its export whose main items are fish, aluminum and silicon since the end of 2008. Tourism also became one of the largest sectors of the country.

Iceland, where the Game Of Thrones serial has shoote, become a center of attraction for tourists. Tourists poured money into the Icelandic Krona. In 2016, tourists spent 7 million nights in the country. The number of tourists who visited Iceland last year increased by 30 percent compared to the previous year.

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