How to get rid of seasonal depression?

We come to the end of a period that begins in spring, crowns in summer and fills us with happiness. Autumn has been seen as a start for many people; however it brings with it something else that many of you have missed: the seasonal depression.

The nature which wakes up with spring increases the positive effects with summer, increasing the energy in living things, cheer, needless sleep and release more of the hormones of happiness depending on the sunlight. This happy period leaves us to the leaves going yellow and the shortening days that come to light when the autumn comes. Psychologists warn about the Autumn Depression that came with autumn.

The arrival of the autumn season brings together the feelings of fatigue, reluctance and the change of the sleeping pattern. Stating that these symptoms are a natural process which comes with the cycle of nature, psychologists say that by adapting to the cycle of nature, these effects will decrease as the days pass. But, if this autumn depression continues to increase, it may be pointing to depression this autumn.

Psychologists underline that if the person had a tendency to enter depression, he/she could trigger this depression in the fall. Even though good things are happening in life, the feeling of unhappiness and loneliness covers our whole soul, we feel ourselves in the void and we are sorrowful. Normally things we enjoy are turned into hard work. Even, we do not want to talk to anyone. It is as if the joy of being alive has risen in the meantime, and everything seems difficult, imperative, and meaningless. Life goes on and we look from the outside, just like watching a picture that does not attract our attention.

Especially the shortening of the days and the decrease of the hormone of happiness secreted in our bodies due to this, the increasing reluctance and unmitigated reluctance are among the triggers of autumn depression. In such situations what is important is that we want to overcome obstacles with minimal damage, but still reach it while we are still in the desire.

But, it should not be forgotten that fall depression is not a process of despair and helplessness, and it is a process that can be abolished with the help of an expert. Psychologists say that when such a situation is encountered, it is absolutely necessary to get support from a specialist therapist and to be careful when choosing a therapist.

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