How should you protect yourself from a massive WanaCryptor attack?

A cyber-attack that we have not seen often has affected many computers all over the world since the second week of May. Main reason of the harm caused by WanaCrypt0r, Wcry, Wannacry is the Shadow Brokers’ releasing the data of the US National Security Agency (NSA).

According to Avast, at least 100,000 computers have been affected by malicious, that have recently become increasingly ransomware. This attack mostly destroyed computers in Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan. WanaCrypt0r demands $ 300 from you when it infects your computer, and surprisingly it can write its message in more than two dozens of different languages.

WanaCrypt0r affected not only the computers of home users but also the operation of banks, hospitals, telecommunication facilities, power plants and other critical units. WanaCrypt0r is spreading among the computers that use an opening that is mostly paired with the Equation Group. The Equation Group is a group closely associated with the NSA.

Microsoft closed the Eternalblue in March, before Shadow Brokers’ effective exploits were fully revealed by accident. By looking at the nature of the attack, it seems that this is used. After the attack it is understood that large number of institutions have not uploaded critical updates even after two months of publication.

If you are updating your system in a normal way, you are unlikely to be directly affected by these attacks. Risk of attack can be prevented by disabling SMBv1. How you can do this is explained in detail by Microsoft special patch created for Windows XP users.

The cleaning process will start and companies that are affected by the error will calculate their data and financial losses. This happening event allows companies to really look at security practices and take safety seriously and release Windows XP, which becomes dangerous to use.

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