How Many Tattoos Does Ed Sheeran Have?

The British pop star shared a snap of his latest tattoo in his ever-growing collection on Instagram. Ed Sheeran shared a photo of a giant lion on his chest simply saying “Halfway and ouch.” The new tattoo is just one of many; most of his fans will be interested to know how many tattoos he has.

In 2014, MTV released the tattoo map of Ed Sheeran which was very informative and interactive. At this program the star’s known arm tattoos in cartoon format, as well as a link to a real-life photo and an explanation for each individual tattoo was released.  With this useful map we learned that Sheeran had at least 47 separate tattoos on his arms before the lion. Thus, the lion makes 48 altogether? In fact, if he has some extra tats that he has not to publicize, the number would be even higher.

As most expect Sheeran has an interesting personality in general, and he has quite interesting stories behind his tats and why he decided to have lots of tats covering his body. He decided to have the tattoo of lion because lions are the England national soccer team mascot.

He has the word “Red” tatted on him, as an inscription to Taylor Swift‘s album and tour of the same name. He also has a tattoo of a maple leaf to commemorate all the love he has received from his Canadian fans. And he has a tattoo of the word “Bloodstream” for his song of the same name.

Of course, all of his tats do not symbolize his career growth. Some of them are just funny, like his Heinz ketchup tat. Some other just represents something he is a fan of, like his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ink. In fact regardless of their meaning, there is a story behind each one. His body is like a picture book open for everyone to see, and it seems like fans love to read it!

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