Herbal Treatment for Lung Cancer

Cancers are mostly named according to the tissues they occur. Lung cancer is a type of cancer that spreads in lung tissues as the name implies. Lung cancer is one of the most common cancer types in the world. According to the reports of World Health Organization, it is most often seen in male population. Cigarette and tobacco products are seen as the greatest risk factor that causes this type of cancer. Extreme coughs, painful sores on the chest, vomiting and spitting of blood, shortness of breath, wheezing, pneumonia and bronchitis, loss of appetite and consequently weight loss and excessive fatigue are the main signs and symptoms of lung cancer. In the case of lung cancer, cancerous tissues develop rapidly and spread to other organs as they grow. Unfortunately, lung cancer takes 29 percent of deaths from cancer in 2000’s. There are many experimental medical treatment methods for lung cancer. Unfortunately, most of them give pain to the patients and mostly are useless.  Scientists and doctors are studying to find methods to treat all types of cancers as well as lung cancer. We hope they will succeed as soon as possible.

On the other hand, alternative medicine is trying to present many prevention and treatment methods for lung cancer as well as all cancer types, by the help of plants.  Plants that offer treatment and healing under the name of alternative medicine, are trying to heal people to without pain and side effects. It is known that, more than 133 herbal supplements have been historically used to treat lung cancer in China. These supplements are used alongside conventional treatments like chemotherapy. Usually it’s not harmful to take herbal supplements along with your regular treatments for lung cancer. However, in some cases, herbs can cause serious side effects or complications. It’s always important to check with your doctor before taking any herbal preparations or supplements.

It’s believed that certain supplements help ease symptoms of lung cancer and the side effects of treatment. It can even treat lung cancer. Crops grown in the soil are able to neutralize many microbes and harmful substances harmful to the human body by the help of the compounds in the plants.  After taking precautions against lung cancer, there are many plants used for therapeutic purposes. The reishi mushroom can be very effective in the treatment of lung cancer. Green tea, black cumin, turmeric and Chinese cabbage are also very effective against lung cancer. These medicinal herbs which are used under the name of alternative therapy are plants that grow on their own without exposure to any chemicals. There are some other plants used to treat lung cancer. Astragalus which helps boost the immune system, slows tumor growth, prevents tumors from spreading is the mostly used one. It also may increase the efficacy of chemotherapy drugs. American silvertop root which is also known as nan sha shen acts as an antibiotic usually used to treat dry coughing that works by reducing inflammation, tissue permeability, and cancer-promoting chemicals in the body. Gan cao, licorice root, accelerates mucous secretion, usually prescribed to relieve cough and shortness of breath. Poria, fu ling, works as a diuretic in patients experiencing edema (fluid retention beneath the skin), reduces phlegm, and improves sleep in insomnia patients. Oldenlandia diffusa (snake-needle grass) is believed to kill lung cancer cells. Asparagus root is also believed to kill and prevent lung cancer cells from growing.





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