Google offers 200.000 dollars to hackers who disclose vulnerabilities in Android

Google has been running the “Android Security Rewards” system for 2 years to get Android’s firewall. This year, the security award amount is 200 thousand dollars.

After the malware named Judy took hold more than 36.5 billion Android-based devices, security measures are tightened further for Android system. Google will give $ 200,000 as an award the hacker who disclose vulnerabilities in the Android system.

According to Cyber security firm Check Point, users downloaded malicious apps about 4.5-18.5 million times from the Google Play Store. The most obvious example of how an open and free mobile operating system (OS) was exploited by malicious application developers was Judy malware.

The prize went up four times. The company launched the “Android Security Awards” system in 2015 for more researchers and engineers to test the vulnerabilities of the mobile operating system and to report these deficiencies to Google. In 2016, the company was implementing a $ 50,000 reward system.

This year, Google raised the amount of the prize 4 times to 200 thousand dollars. Namely, if a malicious user finds an error on Android, the user will have a $ 200,000 reward of course if this user reports it to the company. The company says that over the past year, security researchers have received more than 450 reports of security incidents.

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