Exercise Trends of 2017

There happened Rimini Wellness, Europe’s largest sports and wellness fair last month. If you are not young, energetic, handsome or beautiful, this fair makes you feel the worst of ever.

If you want to stop feeling bad and to start doing physical exercises as soon as possible, here are the exercise trends of 2017 which have become famous especially in Europe.

Reax lights: The most important feature of Reax lights is that it can be adapted to any situation. Whether you are single or in a group you can make sport with these Reax lights. Adults, children, sportsmen can easily use them and they can be adapted to beginners or professionals. The goal is to increase the agility according to the frequency of lighting of the lights. There is also a mobile app.

Ripstix bars: In fact, it was discovered last year; however it has increased its popularity in 2017. Think of your drums playing with weight bags called ‘ripstix’ in your hand. Thanks to cardio, pilates and pliometric combination you burn calories as much as a drummer in a rock concert.

Step by step: Once again, the ‘step’ exercise of everyone’s passion and of the salon exercises was reincarnated. It is with innovative and different equipment this time. You’re stepping again, but this time on the little trampolines.

Mechanical sport period ended, this period is the time of the digital sports. ‘HIIT-High-Intensity Interval Training’ became the new trend. Scientific data reveals that in a short period of time, metabolic activity with very fast movements and exercises that accelerate heart rate make more fat burning. So if you do what you do sports, part of it will be done in the final battle.

Skiing clocks that measure distance and speed of your wristbands or drive while you listen to your heartbeat are the new trends.  While the machines are ‘out’, thanks to wearable technology, we have come to the age of digital sport from mechanical sports.

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